Unusual view

Please excuse my artistic licence on this one! An unusual view of Ollie cleaning solar panels on a flat roof! These panels are on a property near frinton-on-sea sea front, they were cleaned only 2 months ago but with the hot weather & a lot of birds mess the owner asked for them to be … More Unusual view

Solar Panel Cleaning

We’ve seen an increase in customers wanting their solar panels cleaned. Beware that over winter birds mess & lichen build up may have occurred which will effect the efficiency of your panels. These before & after photos were possibly the worst build up we have ever cleaned on panels.

Gutter Glory

Returning gutters back to their former glory! This gutter looked more black than white when we started! Call now for a free quote. To clean this gutter plus fascia front & back of the house was £45! Not as expensive as you think? Call now!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Make money while the sun shines! Ensure your not missing out on the maximum return your solar panels could generate, by getting them cleaned regularly. Birds mess & other debris reduces you’re panel efficiency. Prices from £2 per panel.