COVID-19 & window cleaning

We understand this is a very stressful time for us all at the moment. We have researched & checked the Public Health England recommendations and are strictly applying them. Our existing customers will be by pre-arranged visits, advising them not to leave the property to speak to us (or give us our usual cup of tea!) and no invoices will be posted on completion. New customers are welcome to contact us, but surveys & visits will be done on a non-contact basis, so we apologise for not doing our usual Friendly meet & greet, but it’s for yours & our safety.

We know that some of our usual customers who are self isolating will feel it’s best to cancel our visit, please don’t worry if you do, we completely understand!

If either of us start to show symptoms we will immediately stop work for 14 days to self isolate, we know our customers will understand if that is necessary. Stay safe everyone!

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